Fr. Z weighs in on TLM suspension at Fisher More

With considerably greater charity than has been shown toward himself at times — including, it must be admitted, by your webmaster — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, ever a friend of the Traditional Latin Mass, has taken pains to provide a careful analysis of recent happenings at Fisher More College.


  1. The bishop has no right under canon law to ban one form of mass in preference to another form. This is the only thing that should matter.
    The old prejudice created since 1969 against the historic roman catholic theology and mass seems to never die….

    1. For many of us, I suspect our love of the Traditional Latin Mass is rooted in our view of it as a refuge from the modernistic subtext so often present in liturgical practice after Vatican II.

      That said, my interpretation of Bishop Olson’s action is that he does not wish the TLM, any more than the Novus Ordo, to be used as a political football. Taken and interpreted in charity (and accounting for the lack of context present in the interpretation of a single document such as Bishop Olson’s letter to Mr. King), what is happening here has the capacity to safeguard the Mass from scandal.

      If you are frustrated by Canon 915, free-wheeling Jesuits, Notre Dame, et al., be aware that I am right there with you. The Augean stables are many, the level of muck high and the number of saintly muckers deplorably few.

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