The spiritual journey of Holy Week

The following excerpt from the writings of St. Andrew of Crete, the theme of a spiritual conference given by Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth at the Oratorian Church of St. Thomas Apostle in Washington on March 28, 2015, is offered as a meditation for Holy Week as we prepare to commemorate the Passion of Our Lord and to renew our baptismal promises at the Vigil Mass of Easter.

Come, together let us ascend Mount Olivet and meet Christ as He returns today from Bethany and advances of His own free choice to His Passion, thus completing the mystery of our salvation. For He comes freely to Jerusalem as He once came from Heaven in order to exalt us with Himself. But He does not come with pomp and circumstance, like a man ascending a throne: He shall not dispute or shout aloud, nor shall anyone hear His voice upraised. He is meek and humble, and goes poorly clad.

Therefore, let us now devote ourselves to the Passion mystery and imitate those who went to meet Him. Ours is not to strew the way with palms but with ourselves, humbled in spirit, upright in mind and will.

Thus we shall receive the Word when He comes, and shall have God for our Guest.

The Word rejoices to come to us as our familiar Friend and to draw us to Himself. He has indeed ascended beyond the heavens and entered into the glory of His Godhead, but His love for mankind does not permit Him to depart from us, for He seeks to make us sharers of His exaltation.

Let us put on His grace, then, or, rather, His very self: As many of you as have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ. Then we can make of ourselves a path for His feet to tread, and shout each day what the children sang: Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord: the King of Israel.

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