How to hear Mass well (part 3)

This is the third in a series of excerpts from an article written around the year 1800 by Reverend Father Leonard Gossine and republished in the March 31, 2015, issue of The Remnant:

To [offer Holy Mass with the priest], we should humble ourselves with the priest at the foot of the altar, as poor sinners before God, imploring mercy; at the Gloria praise God with the priest, at the Epistle and Gospel thank God for His sacred word, resolving to live in accord and with it; at the Credo make a profession of faith with heart and lips, earnestly promising to live and die in the Holy Catholic Church; at the Offertory offer our heart with all its desires and inclinations, a profession of faith with ear and lips, earnestly promising sacrifice to God; at the Sanctus to praise God with all the angels and saints. Before the Elevation we should be sincerely sorry for our sins, consider that we are unworthy to appear in the sight of God, remember that we must make satisfaction for our sins, and, during the Memento for the living, make a memento with the priest.

To be continued…

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