How to hear Mass well (part 6)

This is the sixth in a series of excerpts from an essay written around the year 1800 by Reverend Father Leonard Gossine and republished in the March 31, 2015, issue of The Remnant:

The Church desires that the faithful should unite themselves at every Mass with Jesus by Communion, and through Him with His Heavenly Father, becoming one with Him, which is the great end of the Sacrifice of Jesus. But as actual Communion at every Mass is not possible, we should receive Communion spiritually, that is, excite in ourselves the fervent desire to be spiritually united with Christ; spiritually because we can then receive only the spiritual gifts and graces given to those who receive Him sacramentally.

If we desire to make a spiritual Communion with the priest at Mass, then we should, after the Pater Noster, sincerely repent of our sins, awaken in ourselves a vivid faith in Christ’s presence, a firm confidence in His merits, and a fervent love for Him, and then at the priest’s Communion excite within us an ardent desire to receive Christ and be united to Him. When this is done, we should thank God for the graces we have received and recall to our minds, during the day, the goodness and love of this divine Saviour, whose pleasure it is to be with the children of men, to enrich them with His blessings.

To be continued…

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