A novena prayer in honor of St. Cyprian

On Wednesday, September 16, the feast of St. Cyprian is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church. A pagan magician who converted to Christianity and became a bishop in North Africa, he promulgated the doctrine of the apostolic primacy of the Pope as occupant of the chair of Peter. Refusing under duress to renounce the Faith, St. Cyprian won the palm of martyrdom in ad 258 during the persecution conducted under the Roman emperor Valerian.

A visit on the patronal feast day to a church such as Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian on Capitol Hill in Washington, accompanied by the recitation of one Our Father and the Creed, is enriched with a plenary indulgence. Note that all plenary indulgences require sacramental confession, Communion, prayer for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff, and the absence of any attachment to sin whether mortal or venial.

Another commendable practice would be the recitation of this prayer attributed to St. Cyprian from the MyCatholicSource website on each of the nine days up to and including the feast day on September 16:

Good God, may we confess your name to the end; may we emerge unmarked and glorious from the traps and darkness of this world. As you have bound us together by charity and peace, and as together we have persevered under persecution, so may we also rejoice together in your heavenly kingdom. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
(Pater, Ave, Gloria)

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