What to do at Mass?

From the writings of French Jesuit devotional author Père Jean Croiset (1656-1738):

You do not know what to do at Mass? Have you never offended God? Do you not offend Him every day, and every hour of the day? Run over, during Mass, all the faults you have committed since the Mass of the preceding day, and ask His pardon for them. But do you want nothing? You complain every day of your parents, your friends, your children: ask then Almighty God to make such a one more reasonable, another more modest, another less exasperated; to change the heart of another, to grant yourself more meekness, more patience, more courage and more zeal for your salvation, and above all, His perfect love. To obtain all these graces, offer to Him Jesus Christ as a sacrifice. He can never refuse your requests. For what you offer is worth infinitely more than all that you can ask for.

It is extraordinary that our Lord can fill His house only by using violence, and forcing us, as it were, to enter. But it is still more extraordinary that we should enter the house of God so often, and assist every day at the most august of all sacrifices, and yet draw no fruit from it. We do not even understand the ineffable advantages which we can derive from it. This ignorance and negligence is one of the things we have most reason to deplore among Christians. What a misfortune, that we possess in the midst of us an immense and inexhaustible treasure, and that, from not being aware of it, we live in indigence! But if we know this treasure, and yet derive no benefit from it, are we not still more to be pitied?

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1691)

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