The infinite value of the Holy Sacrifice

From the writings of Passionist Father Ignatius of the Side of Jesus (1801-1844), whose devotion and zeal helped to spark the restoration of the Catholic Faith in early nineteenth-century England:

The Church can count about twenty million martyrs, who, by shedding their blood for the Faith, have become so many victims immolated to the living God. What an honor would the voluntary sacrifice of all creatures put together give to God! Yet, all these acts of religion, and a hundred others still more perfect, and offered by the noblest of creatures, would not bear a comparison with the excellence of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon our altars. God is more honored by one single Mass than He could be by all the actions of Angels and of men, no matter how fervent, perfect, or heroic they might be. The spotless Victim that is offered in Sacrifice is of merit proportional to the Majesty to whom it is offered. Has God been offended? Do we need new assistance? Do we groan under the tyranny of our passions? Do we languish under oppressive and painful disease? Do we wish to thank God for His benefits? Have we to satisfy His justice? We find abundantly in this Sacrifice wherewith to supply all our necessities, satisfy all our duties, and pay all our debts. The Mass is a universal remedy, the tree of life and immortality. God receives here the homage of the beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Here is a Victim which disarms Divine wrath. This is a Sacrifice of propitiation which cannot fail of being acceptable. We, by uniting ourselves to Our Lord, who is here in the quality of Mediator between us and His Father, immolate ourselves with Him; and the joining of our prayers with His mediation enhances their value immensely, and their acceptance in the sight of God.

The School of Jesus Crucified

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