A prayer for conversion in perilous times

Over the space of several generations we Catholics have stood by, mostly silent, as Modernists have distorted the truths of our Faith; have robbed us of our liturgical patrimony; have extolled the perceived virtues of Judaism, Islam, various Protestant denominations, and other non-Catholic religions; and have impeded missionary work toward the union of all peoples in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. As our reward, we have witnessed the collapse of the Church in the West and the advance of bloody terror to Her very gates.

By our silence, our wavering, our equivocation, our failure in stewardship, we have brought mortal peril upon our society and upon our souls. Even so we may yet take comfort that God in His Mercy will stay His hand and save us if we turn to Him with our whole heart, proclaim and live His Gospel, and work toward the establishment of the Social Reign of Christ the King.

Let the time for equivocation now end. We implore our pastors, our hierarchs, and all our Catholic brethren to join in the following prayer, formerly indulgenced, promulgated by Pope Leo XIII in 1899.

O most loving and beloved Heart of Jesus, prostrate before Thee we fervently beseech Thee to extend over the Church and throughout the world those streams of living water, which flow from Thee as from an inexhaustible fountain springing up into eternal life. O Jesus, son of David and Son of the living God, have compassion upon us, the children of Thy pierced Heart. O take not from us the gift of Thy most holy Faith, though we deserve as much for our sins and ingratitude; hide not Thyself from our eyes, Thou Who art the true light and our one hope; but remain with us, O Lord, while the darkness of error grows thicker, and fill us with the fire of charity, which Thou camest on earth to bring, and desirest to be enkindled in the hearts of all men.

O Jesus, sacrificed for us upon the altar of the Cross, draw us to Thee, and with us draw the Jews and Turks, for whom also Thou hast shed Thy Blood to the last drop.

May this Blood, once invoked by some in malediction, descend in benediction upon their heads and save them. May this Blood, despised and profaned by other nations, give forth for these a cry for mercy and purify them. Succour, O Lord, we implore Thee, the poor sons of Isaac and Ishmael, for whom Thou wouldst again undergo Thy dolorous Passion and Death. We appeal on their behalf to those most holy Wounds in Thy Hands and Feet and Side, which Thou dost keep ever fresh and open, as the price of the world’s redemption. To their powerful pleadings are united those which issue from the heart of Thy most sweet Mother. That heart, transfixed with a sword of grief, plunged in a sea of suffering, tormented with Thine at the foot of the Cross, we offer to Thee, O Jesus, for the salvation of all those unhappy souls.

O sweet heart of Mary, do thou speak to Jesus as we ourselves know not how to speak, and He will hear thee, so that even if a miracle be necessary to overcome the resistance of those for whom we pray, we ask it of thee, O Virgin Immaculate, by that immense love which thou bearest to Jesus.

Only deign to appear to the Jews and Turks as thou didst once appear to Ratisbonne,1 and, at a signal from thy right hand, like him they will be suddenly converted.

Oh! may the day soon come when the Holy Trinity shall reign through thee in all hearts, and all shall know, love and adore in spirit and in truth the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, liveth and reigneth world without end. Amen.

1 Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne (1814-1884), a convert from Judaism who experienced a vision of the Blessed Mother in his youth, became a Jesuit, and later co-founded the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion.

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