Accept no imitations

We renounce the modernist Vatican 2 establishment, and all its works, and all its empty promises, and exhort our readers to do likewise.

Pray. Perform the works of mercy. Do penance, as Our Lady has repeatedly begged of a deaf world. Cultivate humility (you can’t get to Heaven without it).

Thank you for your support of DC Latin Mass.

4 thoughts on “Accept no imitations

  1. Although I am not I am not someone who normally attends the TLM, I am so sorry for those who do and are hurt by today’s unfortunate announcement. I wish I understood where it was coming from or why it was necessary to upset a large and faithful part of the Body of Christ. This seems so unnecessary coming from a Church that embraces so many different Rites and expressions of devout faith. I pray for peace for all of my TLM friends & priests who feel unnecessarily marginalized or attacked by Traditionis custodes and the Cardinal’s implementation. You are in my prayers today. Keep the faith!

  2. There is a Syro Malabar catholic church in Gaithersburg and may be able to host TLM Mass. The syro malabar liturgy is similar to the TLM.

  3. The Latin Mass is very powerful weapon against communism, especially in the Capitol of the United States of America: Washington, D.C., where our founding fathers came to establish Religious Freedom. It’s odd to see a Catholic Priest, Bishop, of all people, going against the 10 Commandments so blatantly, it’s a complete slap in the face to Our Lord all over again. Not only does the “bishop” go against God’s Law, the 10 Commandments, but he goes against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution: we have a right to worship the way “we want to,” and this can be taken out of context, but in Catholic terms, it means, according to STATE laws, we have the “right” to worship in the Traditional Latin Mass, if we choose and/or want to, and that’s what’s being ripped away by satanic communists like this so-called “bishop” and his evil side-kicks, going right up into the Vatican walls, state walls, world walls of the deep-church and deep-state. Those who have ears, hear. sign a “preserve the Latin Mass” e-petition at: may the God of wisdom, truth and justice truly bless you today, now and always!

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