What you sense

The Eucharist, Catholics are taught, is at once a sacrifice and a sacrament.

Sacraments are visible signs instituted by Christ to give us His grace. Our Lord knew what He was doing here. He created us to receive truth through our sight, our smell, our touch—all our human senses—and to be accessible to our reason (thus Catholics speak of the “age of reason”).

Our Lord made sanctifying grace easy for us. It is easy to sense at Holy Mass that a sacrifice is being performed. Our reason, informed by our senses, tells us that Holy Mass is true worship.

Modernists know what they are doing, too. They have distorted every single sacrament as far as they could—most tragically, by obscuring the sacrificial meaning of the Eucharist. Then they claim that nothing has changed!

It might seem easy to fall for such a contradiction. But Catholics know better. The evidence is right in front of our senses, as we view the Modernist wreckage of Catholic doctrine and worship. It is easy to sense at a Novus Ordo ceremony that worship is not taken seriously (“not too seriously,” they might smile).

Our reason, informed by our senses, tells us that Modernism is false, that its claims are lies.

The Catholic sense tells us to avoid Modernism, its proponents, its ceremonies, its buildings.

Pray to the Holy Ghost that, by His gifts, the Catholic sense may always govern our reason.

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