Fr. Heilman on respect for the Eucharist, and lack thereof

A guest post on New Liturgical Movement (scroll down after you click the link) by Fr. Richard Heilman of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, provides rich — if, at times, troubling — insight into current practices of administration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Particularly disturbing is Fr. Heilman’s summation of the questionable means by which the practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand was established in the United States.  His accounts of how the Eucharist is abused through this practice should give pause to every faithful Catholic — as well as, one prays, to those who in increasing numbers have lost faith in the Real Presence.

Fr. Kocik on reform of the reform

A recent observation by Fr. Thomas Kocik, author of Reforming the Reform? A Liturgical Debate (Ignatius Press, 2003):

[T]aking the rites promulgated by Paul VI [i.e., Novus Ordo, etc.] as the point of departure for arriving at a single, organically reformed version of the ancient Roman rite . . . would be like trying to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.