The winter of our unbelief

Catholic author and educator Peter Kwasniewski on the effects of the 1960s liturgical “reform” on ecumenism and evangelization:

What we need for a sane Christian life together is a truly noble simplicity, the silence of anonymity, clouds of beautiful song and incense, a healthy routine of life marked by feasts and processions, a life of worship spent in churches that foster an ecstatic praise of God, bearing witness to his transcendent beauty. This is what the Middle Ages had in abundance, for all that the poor peasants lacked; this is what we fundamentally lack, for all the cleverness and comfort we have. Every time an ugly church is built or the Mass is offered unworthily, faith is endangered, distorted, thinned out. In the Church on earth, half a century out from the great springtime that was supposed to follow the Second Vatican Council, we are in the midst of a darkening Age of Unbelief, a winter colder than the Enlightenment itself.

Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis (2014)